1. How do I know whether my washer is involved in this recall?

    You MUST check the label located inside the door for the serial number and date of manufacture. [Call center agents can assist customers to determine whether his unit is included in the recall.]

    Consumers can visit our website, www.Samsung.com/washerrecall, or call a toll-free recall hotline. Samsung customers should call (800) 515-7902 between 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. (EST), Mondays through Fridays to find out whether their washers are covered by this recall.

  2. What is the problem?

    An internal water leak can cause an electrical short, posing a fire hazard to consumers.

  3. Why are the Samsung washers being recalled?

    This recall is being conducted to prevent a possible fire. You should disconnect your washer from the electrical outlet until you receive a ground fault circuit interrupt breaker provided by Samsung.

  4. What is the heater thermistor?

    The heater is an optional component that raises wash water to a preset temperature, and also assists with hot-water sanitization of laundry. Not all models have this feature.

  5. Has Samsung received any reports of injuries or deaths?

    No. Samsung has not received any reports of injuries or deaths.

  6. How many reports have been received?

    A total of six (6) incidents have been reported. No fire escaping the washers or injuries have been reported.

  7. Is Samsung replacing or repairing the washers?

    The company is providing a ground fault circuit interrupt (GFCI) breaker that will prevent the hazard from occurring. The recall is in voluntary cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

  8. Can I have my washer replaced or exchanged?

    Not as a part of this recall program.

  9. Can I upgrade to a newer model.

    Not as a part of this recall program. Samsung will only provide the GFCI free of charge. If an owner is interested in purchasing a new model, then the cost of the new model, installation and any other charges will be his or her responsibility. New models may be purchased from their local retailers.

  10. How much will the recall cost the owner?

    The ground fault circuit interrupt (GFCI) breaker and instructions on how to install the GFCI will be provided free of charge.

  11. Which models are covered by this recall?

    Only Samsung models: WF306BHW and WF316 (all models)
    NOTE: You MUST check the serial number and date of manufacture.

  12. Can I install the GFCI myself?

    Yes. The GFCI is easy to install. Simply unplug your washer from your electrical outlet, plug in the GFCI, and plug your washer’s power cord into the GFCI’s outlet.

  13. Will they come to me to do the repair?

    Samsung will provide free in-home service assistance to those customers who are unable to install their GFCIs.

  14. When was the recall announced?

    The recall was announced on or about March 21, 2007.

  15. Whom do I contact?

    You can visit the website dedicated to the recall, www.Samsung.com/washerrecall, or call a toll-free recall hotline, (800) 515-7902, between 9:000 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. (EST), Mondays through Fridays to find out whether their washers are covered by this recall and to request the ground fault circuit interrupt breaker.

  16. How long will it take to receive the GFCI?

    Beginning on March 21, 2007, Samsung will send GFCIs to all customers who have registered their washers or previously contacted the companies for technical or service-related assistance. Other customers’ requests for GFCIs will be processed immediately. The GFCIs will take approximately three (3) to five (5) business days from the mailing dates to arrive in customers’ homes.

  17. How will I know whether the recall service has been completed on my washer?

    The corrective action for the recall consists of sending the ground fault circuit interrupt (GFCI) breakers to customers who own the affected units. The corrective action for a particular customer is complete when a GFCI is sent to the customer unless the customer contacts Samsung for assistance.

  18. Will the GFCI change the way my washer operates?

    No. You will not experience any change in the performance of their washers by using the GFCIs.

  19. Can I still use the washer without the GFCI?

    Samsung strongly urges all customers not to use their washers without GFCIs. Though affected units may operate without GFCIs, failing to utilize the GFCIs presents a fire hazard.

  20. What should I do with my washer in the mean time?

    Unplug the washer from its electrical outlet, and do not attempt to use the washer until you receive and connect a GFCI.

  21. What happens to the warranty after the recall?

    This recall does not affect any applicable warranties of affected units.

  22. Is the recall service considered an upgrade?

    No. The GFCI gives your washer the same functionality as it had before the recall.

  23. After installing the GFCI, my washer suddenly stopped working. What should I do?

    First, re-set the GFCI (by pressing the white button) and try to operate your washer. If your washer continues to have a problem, verify that the GFCI is working properly by unplugging the washer, plug a lamp in the GFCI and press the white button. If the GFCI works properly, please call for service to come to your home to inspect your washer. After disconnecting the affected washer from electrical current, contact the recall hotline immediately, (800) 515-7902.

  24. If my washer is already plugged into a dedicated GFCI circuit or outlet box, do I still need to use the GFCI outlet provided in the recall?

    The GFCI should be used anyway, to ensure safety.

  25. How does the GFCI address a water leak in the washer?

    Water leaks can occur for different reasons. The free GFCI repair offered in this recall program, in cooperation with the CPSC, will cut off power in the unlikely event of shorting or arcing caused by water leaks. If you are experiencing a water leak issue or if the installed GFCI trips repeatedly, please call 800-SAMSUNG to arrange for service.